Nokia Releases First Android Phone

Reports reveal that Nokia plans on making quite an important revelation. The famous company is said to be planning to release its first Android phone this month. According to the latest reports, the release will be made by the end of February. 

The news was first revealed by The Wall Street Journal, which reports that Nokia plans on revealing its Normandy phone really soon. Most likely, the new revelation will be made at the Mobile World Congress later this month.

If the reports are true and Nokia will make this release, it will actually be the first Android phone that the company launches, featuring a modified forked version of Google’s operating system. 

The new smartphone is expected to be released under the name of Nokia X, while the device will most likely start shipping soon after being officially presented. The fact that Nokia plans on releasing this new product has been rumored for months now, sources saying that the famous manufacturer is working at an Android operating system. 

The device will be an inexpensive product, so Nokia targets a large category of clients with the release of its new phone. However, reports also indicate that users of the new device will not have access to the Google Play application store.

They will only be able to access services created especially for Nokia and Microsoft. This means that users will find on the new Nokia phone an own application store. This store will help them gain access to applications such as Android apps, but also Facebook, Twitter and Skype, among many others. 

When it comes to the features of the new phone, reports indicate that Nokia X will come with a dual-core 2GHz Snapdragon processor, 512 MB of memory, as well as 4GB of storage. The device is going to be available in no less than 6 colors. It will include a 5MP camera. 

The new Nokia is expected to be presented in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress trade show. The new product seem to be addressing the low-end smartphone market, but it is expected to be quite a great success. The new release comes after 3 years in which Nokia stopped focusing on the smartphone market.  

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