Nokia Ozo, a 60,000 dollars virtual-reality camera

When Microsoft bought Nokia’s handset business, everyone thought this was the last time they will hear about Nokia. Well, it looks like this is not the case because Nokia has managed to purchase Alcatel-Lucent for 16,6 billion dollars and they also released a new tablet. Now, this company has also plans to move on the virtual-reality market. How? 

Well, they have announced to release the new Nokia Ozo Camera. The company also communicated its price tag and shipment will start somewhere around early 2016. The new Nokia Ozo is designed for making 3D films and games that can be watched. 

However, Nokia is not the only company that invests in this kind of gear. Famous companies like Sony, Google, Facebook and HTC have decided to enter the virtual-reality market. Furthermore, not only that they have entered, but they have also made heavy investments so that people could have the opportunity to experience virtual reality and explore simulated environments through films and games. Unfortunately, at this moment there is a huge lack of high-quality VR content. So, this is where the new Nokia Ozo steps in.

It is well known that fact that creating VR content is not that easy, and it requires specialist equipment to capture the entire panorama of a given environment. So, the new Ozo camera has the ability to record stereoscopic 3D video and spatial audio, with the help of its eight synchronized shutters and integrated microphones. 

This new virtual-reality camera also has the ability to operate wirelessly and to store the data into a single file. “Expertly created. Intelligently designed. Purpose-built. OZO is the world’s first professional Virtual Reality camera,” Nokia has declared. “Capturing 360° spherical video and 360×360 surround sound with unique interactive monitoring, OZO increases both the quality and efficiency of Virtual Reality production,” the company has added. 

To be added that Nokia Ozo is not the only camera on the market, because Google has partnered with GoPro, with the purpose to release the Odyssey. This camera will home 16 of GoPro’S action cams. However, Nokia has not given up of making phones, because in 2016 they will be free to enter the smartphone market once again, after they have sold to Microsoft their handset business.

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