Nokia Lumia 925 – Much Smaller Than Windows Phone

Based on a recent report published by BBC News, Nokia announced on Tuesday that their upcoming Lumia 925 smartphone will be much smaller and much more technically advanced than their first Windows Phone. The changes that the company has decided to operate on their flagship phone were a result of the complaints that customers made in relation to the product.

Nokia’s Lumia 925 is expected to surprise customers due to the hardware and software changes that the manufacturer has made. The Finnish mobile company issued a press release on Tuesday revealing some of the features that owners will benefit of with the new Lumia smartphone.

According to the company’s declaration, Lumia 925 will be smaller and lighter – one of the main aspects that analysts and customers alike have resented with the previous model, the Lumia 920. The external changes mirror the introduction of new internal components. Nokia has decided to ditch the built-in support for wireless charging; thus, managing to reduce the dimensions of the 925 model considerably.

Among the upgraded features that the company boasts is also the new highly advanced camera. The manufacturer guarantees that the technology that has been used on the Lumia 925 smartphone has never been used on any other smartphone before; thus, dismantling all critics that investors have brought against Nokia during its annual general meeting. Investors expressed their disagreement with Nokia’s decision to add the Windows Phone operating system only to its high-end phones because they have thus lost significant market shares to Android-based rivals. CEO Stephen Elop, on the other hand, explained that the use of the software has given Nokia the opportunity to stand strong against the South Korean company, Samsung.

Despite the numerous changes that Lumia 925 has suffered, there are many aspects that have remained unchanged. As a matter of fact, the company described the new phone as a “new interpretation” of the 920 model. It will weigh 139g and it will be only 8.5mm thick, but the Snapdragon S4 processor and the 2,000 mAh battery will remain the same. The drawback is the fact that the first version will have only 16GB internal storage capacity, whereas a 32GB model could be released later this year.

Nokia’s Lumia 925 model will be easier to use due to its smaller dimensions. The smartphone will be available in Europe and China in June, whereas the other markets will receive the phone during the third quarter.

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