Nokia Allures Investors With New Products

After useless attempts to revive the company’s financial situation, Nokia allures investors by telling them that new products will be released on the market in the following months. According to Reuters, the Finnish company was supposed to launch tablets and “hybrid” smartphones by now, so shareholders have started to lose their patience.

It’s been a long time since Nokia announced that they will be competing against Apple and Samsung with a new tablet and a smartphone, but there is no sign of them so far. Given these circumstances, investors think that the Finnish company may not be able to overcome its present financial problems, which is why they no longer seem interested in purchasing Nokia shares.

Chairman Jorma Ollila responded that Nokia is working to release the said tablets and smartphones as soon as possible. Despite his attempt to calm investors down, Ollila did not provide an exact date for the launching of the products and this increases shareholders’ fears. He further added that even though Nokia had a slow start in the smartphone competition, the Finnish company will make up the difference by offering new products and services.

Based on the statements that the mobile phone company has made so far, the tablet computer will be unveiled as soon as Microsoft releases it much-awaited Windows 8. Analysts have reached the conclusion that Nokia’s success is directly linked to Microsoft who is also struggling to make its entrance in the smartphone field.

The Finnish producer has understood that it is too late for them to compete against Apple and Google; therefore, they have tried to attract customers with Lumia. This smartphone is unique, because it uses the Microsoft software which enables owners to perform various computer-based actions.

Ollila has been severely criticized because he failed to foresee the importance of smartphones when they were first announced by Apple. Even now that smartphones have become indispensable, the Chairman continues to focus his attention on tablets because in his opinion, they offer much more versatility.

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