No Settlement Reached Between Samsung and Apple

A controversial and highly disputed legal battle, the patent dispute between Samsung and Apple did not reach a settlement at this point, either. 

As it was previously reported, Apple and Samsung both attended a mediation session, with the main purpose to reach an agreement that can put an end to the legal issues between the two. 

The two persons who attended the mediation that seems to have taken place in January were Samsung Mobile Business Chief Shin Jong-kyun and Apple CEO Tim Cook. The mediation was scheduled at court orders. 

Even though reports indicated that the two parties will be able to reach a deal and they will have a settlement before the case goes to trial, it seems that they were wrong. Reports now reveal that Apple and Samsung were unable to reach an agreement. 

Actually, this conclusion was achieved as both Apple and Samsung refused to make any comments regarding their meeting, giving absolutely no details on how the discussion went.  

“We cannot confirm whether or not both sides really met, or what happened during the session,” spokespersons for the two tech companies claimed. A follow-up or second meeting between the two is not expected. 

If the two have failed to reach the agreement that everyone expected, it seems that the case will go in front of the court on March 31. This is the second patent infringement lawsuit between Apple and Samsung. A pre-trial conference is going to take place in March 5th, so we will probably find out more on this subject following this event. 

Phil Schiller, but also other Apple and Samsung chiefs, are expected to take the stand and witness once again on the case. 

Most likely, a verdict on this case is expected to be announced in April. A previous verdict reached in the legal battle indicated that Samsung had to pay Apple damages worth US $930 million. 

As Samsung is not at all willing to accept the conditions that Apple is setting, most likely the settlement will never be reached. 

The two giant companies have been in talks for quite some time now, while in 2012 it was claimed that Samsung had no intention in settling with Apple.

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