No online stream for “One Life to Live” and “All My Children”

It seems like there will be no online steaming available for “One Life to Live” and “All My Children” after all. The two soap operas were supposed to be heading online in the near future, but the company who was planned to support the Online Network, Prospect Park, decided otherwise.

Prospect Park dropped the project due to technical and financial issues and as such buried the online streaming for the two shows. Rich Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz, officials for the company, talked about the many barriers they had to face trying to get the shows online in a timely fashion. The company spent five months negotiating with guilds and putting together presentations meant to appeal to possible financial or technological partners without much success. Thus “it is with great disappointment that we are suspending our aspirations to revive One Life to Live and All My Children via online distribution”, they added.

The pilling issues that couldn’t find a resolve made it impossible for Prospect Park to meet their deadlines. “One Life to Live” was supposed to be online closely after its ABC finale on January the 13th 2012. At the beginning of November the company had to put the plans for “All My Children” on hold for an indefinite period of time since the other show was more successful in retaining the services of 13 of its current cast members. Yet, “One Life to Live” won’t be on air at the beginning of next year. The company was unsuccessful in obtaining a deal with the WGA so the writers for the show haven’t even begun working on the screenplay yet.

“We believe we exhausted all reasonable options apparent to us, but despite enormous personal, as well as financial cost to ourselves, we failed to find a solution”, the two officials of Prospect Park concluded. It was a mixture of narrow financial infrastructure, guild contractual demands and inherited economic challenges that gave the final blow to the company’s hopes for pioneering a new network. Even though the final decision wasn’t made at ease, Prospect Park had no other reasonable option available at this time at least.

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  1. Come on folks do you think this was really going to happen. I think it was all a scam to get people who were protesting to go away. They probable thought we would forget about it and move on. And what’s happened two show that have been on for over 40 years are flushed away for what crappy reality garbage. The Abc network and anyone apart of abc you suck. and i hope you fail in everything you do. So long One Life to live and all my children i will remember you with great fondness..

  2. Please find a solution for One Life to Live to be on bravo even. All my Childeren has been worth watching since i was 6 years old. Now I’m 39 years old. These soaps are a part of history. Drama of daytime. Please get it going again. I cant imagine daytime tv without both my soaps. I speaking for all the fans!!

  3. I believe we were sold a bill of goods, and that Prospect Park never fully intended to air One Life To Live and AMC. It was just lip service rendered because of the outcry of all the fans. It’s official; the public sentiment means nothing to the television programmers. Don’t you feel ashamed???

  4. its asame that they will not be continue on line i was looking forword to it iam 61 years of age and been watching oltl sence day one dad tape them for me so i could watch them after school . i will never watch the shows thats are replacing the two soaps and i hope your shows will fail.I hate abc for letting you take them off and after oltol goes off i will not suppost abc no longer i hope it goes downunder too. too many reality shows and talk shows and food shows on tv right now very boring .I have cable and will watch the other stations that doesnt pertaine to those subjects. they have them on cable if i wanted to watch them i would of been ccbarr. kansas

  5. I think you made a big mistake when you took All My Children, One Life To Live Oprah off the air. I don’t like the new show The Chew and have spoken with a lot of other people who stated to me they no longer watch channel 7. They feel they were cheated. The Chew should not be allowed on TV everyone of them talking at one time. I watch nothing I watch channel 9,50,51,186 iwatched One Life to Live for almost 40 years taping it when I went to work.

  6. I can’t believe that one of the cable networks wouldn’t take OLTL and AMC. But what do I know, I couldn’t believe that ABC got rid of them to put on the Chew and alike.

  7. you just wiped out the hope of 4 generations in one home who were fans of OLTO. Age 96 all the way to age 5. My morning newspaper says there is a problem with finding sponsors . Us Over 50 crowd don’t seem to count in viewing count so don’t expect me to watch any new shows you put on or even buy from your sponsors.

  8. Gee, and after they made the writers end AMC on a cliffhanger. What a crock. I bet Agnes Nixon is ready to kill some people at Prospect Park for making her compromise her characters and end her soap on such a sh!tty note for their continuation purposes.

  9. The Online Company and those at executives at ABC clearly believe that the soap fans are empty headed morons. Anyone with an IQ over 2 could see that this “online” venture was never, ever going to manifest into a legitimate project. Clearly this “idea” was simply devised to diffuse the negative press from ABC, as the soap killing pricks they truly are. I am certain that there was never, ever an online plan in the works. I hope Brian Fronz loses his job, and ABC never, ever recovers in their ratings. I currently make it a point to avoid anything on ABC, and once One Life goes off the air, I will never watch any show on the ABC network again.

  10. Put the Soaps on Cable please! I have watched One Life to Live since it started. I am going to miss it very much & like everybody else who’s written I don’t want to see the crappy junk that’s replacing my Soaps.

  11. I’m so disappointed OLTL will be gone. It is my fluff entertainment after an intense work day. I watched it with my mom when it began. I didn’t watch it for 15 years and started watching it again in 1985. I feel like the characters are my friends and they will be sorely missed.

  12. I have a feeling Michael is right about it all being a snow job to keep us watching ABC. I have been boycotting All My Children’s replacement show, and will do the same with whatever CRAP they put in place of One Life to Live. I will continue to watch General Hospital, but I would like to say, “ABC – You Suck!”

  13. The Chew SUCKS!!! Bring back AMC!!!! I want Pine Valley back!!!! It never should’ve been cancelled to begin with. There are enough reality shows on tv.

    PS: There are at least 2 food-related networks , we don’t need another food show taking up slots in daytime!!!!!

  14. This is so sad. I was looking very forward to seeing all my children come back!! To me it was more than a show it was a huge part of my life… Thank you to the many years pine valley, I hope to see you all again someday…

  15. What about Netflix? I heard they will be doing arrested development. I’d be willing to get Netflix if they would carry AMC & OLTL and I bet others would too.

  16. Oh please can’t some station pick up these soap. My mom, age 96 actually takes her phone off the hook so no one will bother her during OLTL. When she was in the hospital she even told the nurses not to bother her during this time.
    Her eye site is falling but she can still hear and know the characters by their voice. If it goes on line that won’t be a problem she can watch or listen thru the computer screen. OLTL isn’t just a show, its her extended family. She can’t stand the thought of them going away. Neither can the rest of her family.

  17. If no one will save One Life to Live, I hope that all story lines will come to an end. Don’t start new ones this last month. . Please don’t let me/ us wonder what could have been… Fast forward a few yrs so I /we can see what happened to all, especially the younger generation . What type of person would Jack become? OR would Victor rise from the dead when his child is born? ETC I would be happy to have the story continue in a series of books. This would be better than nothing.
    Someone PLEASE Keep all the soaps alive. These stories are more fun than boring talk shows. I even prefer them to some of the prime time shows.

  18. I ditto all the above and am going to cast the evil eye on all those involved in cancelling these soaps. See how GREED will crush cherished things thoughtlessly. My hope is that all those involved in those soaps get fabulous jobs in the area of their choice. Perhaps we should all form our “own” OCCUPY movement, maybe it would enrich peoples lives in an unusual way. got my fingers crossed.

  19. I have watched one life to live and all my children since I was 9 iv watched it for 30 years at least I grew up with the kids also why do they have to take it

  20. OLTL ISthe BEST Soap on TV. The acting IS top notch and the storyline IS varied, interesting, and believeable. I have watched this show fro 25 years and am so very sad and mad that it will not longer be available. I refuse to watch “CHEW”. It is boring and who needs another ‘food’ show. I don’t know who made the decision to cancel OLTL, but they should be FIRED!

  21. Who says over 50 people won’t watch on line. When I forget to tape OLTL my back up is to watch the missed episode on line. Best way to keep up to date. I cannot believe the chew is getting a bigger audience than our canceled soaps.

  22. Guess I will be done with afternoon TV. My two favorite shows are gone or will be soon. I have no intention of watching anything new the stations puts on. I loved getting lost in these stories, something you can’t do with talk shows or whatever you call the STUFF that is on TV now a days. The remaining soaps I don’t watch. I don’t enjoy them. Guess the noise from my house will now be from music stations. Good bye my dear shows , you will be missed.

  23. If One Life to Live goes off the air for good I will never watch another show on ABC. I cannot believe you people are even considering it. I am also going to boycott any advertising that is on the shows, replacing it. I have been a fan of this show for years, I come home from work, make myself a cup of tea and relax for my one hour. I will never watch ABC again, if anyone is serious about this they should all boycott the new shows and anyone who advertises on these shows. I did at one time have hope it would be on line but you have taken that from us. Good bye ABC

  24. If Netflix carries NEW episodes of BOTH “ONE LIFE TO LIVE” and “ARRESTED DEVELOPEMENT”, 2 of my all time favorite shows, I’m there!!!! I’ll subscribe for life!!

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