No Firefox OS To Be Used On Samsung’s Devices

CNET News reporters published an article on Monday informing people that Samsung has decided not to use the Firefox operating system on its devices. Sony, on the other hand, is about to release a new phone running on Firefox’s software somewhere in 2014.

Firefox OS will soon be used with 18 operators including ZTE, Huawei, Alcatel and LG. While the operating system has been well-received by the majority of the companies, Samsung is still reluctant to adopt Mozilla’s new program. The South Korean manufacturer made an unofficial statement that was later on disclosed during the Mobile World Congress that is currently held at Barcelona.

Samsung’s decision to wait a little longer before adopting the new software is partially justifiable considering that its Android-based smartphones and tablets have been a real success on the market so far. Sony, on the other hand, is willing to test Firefox OS and for that, they will create a new product that will be launched next year.

Sony also declared during the Congress that its new device will be created in collaboration with Mozilla, so the product can reflect customers’ preferences. This way, Sony can become one of the best manufacturers of Firefox-based devices, but the company did not reveal any information about the handset we should be expecting next year.

The difference between Firefox and other operating systems is the fact that the former can gather information at the same time from Web and apps. Users will also have the possibility to create an app based on their most used search terms. This will give users the possibility to shorten the period of time they normally take for searches. Firefox Marketplace will be the online store that Mozilla will use to offer the most popular apps, such as, Twitter, Facebook, AccuWeather, etc.

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