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Nivea Drops Rihanna As A Spokesperson

Us Weekly reports that Nivea has decided to drop Rihanna as a spokesperson after a 1-year collaboration. The company realized the Barbadian singer’s image has nothing in common with the message they are trying to convey, so the campaign will be stopped.

Nivea’s decision to drop Rihanna as a spokesperson came as a surprise because the two parties have been collaborating for at least one year. The news was even more discussed after Stefan Heidenreich, the head of Nivea’s parenting company, Beiersdorf, told the press that Rihanna’s “outrageous” image was the main reason behind their decision.

Some people were disturbed by the fact that the artist was judged according to her appearance and they labeled Heidenreich’s statement as discriminatory. What these people forget, however, is the fact that Rihanna was co-opted as a spokesperson for Nivea and she was supposed to increase sales with the help of her image. As a result, Nivea’s executives are entitled to choose another spokesperson if the people they are currently working with no longer represent them.

Choosing Rihanna to promote Nivea, a fervid supporter of natural beauty, was clearly a mistake because the artist’s style is far from natural. The 24-year-old singer doesn’t miss any opportunity to add a new ink to her body. Moreover, she is known for her frequent hair color changes, so I would have to agree with Heidenreich in saying that the “advert starring Rihanna was a no go”.

The images that were created for the campaign displayed a red-haired Rihanna posing seductively for the camera. Nivea’s reps stated at the time when the pictures were taken that they are excited to join forces with Rihanna for the promotion of their products. The goal of the campaign was to determine younger generations to become faithful consumers of Nivea, but according to executives, the objectives were not attained. Either way, the advert helped organize a perfect anniversary for the 100th celebration of the company.

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