Nissan to Recall 238,000 Altima Sedans

Nissan will recall no less than 238,000 Altima Sedans, it has been revealed. The famous car maker will recall vehicles from the 2013 model year, due to a secondary hood latch that may not hold and which can turn out increasing the risk of an accident. 

The official announcement on this recall was made by US safety regulators on Friday. This is just the latest recall announced by car makers in the United States. The Altima Sedan is one of the most popular models of the company in the US. In fact, this vehicle model managed to score 26 percent of the Nissan sales in America. 

As expected, most of the vehicles recalled at this point are in the United States, a number of 219,000 cars. About 10,000 vehicles are in Canada, 5,000 in Mexico and 2,000 in South Korea. Around 1,000 of the recalled vehicles are in Puerto Rico, while the rest in Latin America and Asia. 

Nissan issued a statement linked to the recall and claimed that safety of car owners comes first. “Nissan became aware of a small number of incidents in which the hood came open while the car was moving, causing damage to the car itself,” the statement said. The company added that they are not aware of crashes or injuries linked to this defect. 

The defect may cause the secondary hood latch to bind and remain unlatched when the hood is closed. This means that the hood could open when the car is in motion and naturally this can turn out being dangerous for passengers. The problem was discovered by Nissan after some reports of hoods coming open and damaging cars.  

All the needed repairs will be made by Nissan dealers. They will modify the vehicle parts needed with no costs for owners. All owners of affected cars will be notified by Nissan, who will offer the needed instructions on what owners have to do. Nissan claimed that dealers will clean and lubricate the secondary latch joint, while the latch lever will be modified. The latch assembly could be replaced. 

Until now, Nissan revealed nothing about the schedule to notify owners. 

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