Nissan Recalls Infiniti SUVs for Air Bags Issue

Nissan announced the recall of more than 1,800 Infiniti SUVs in the United States. In seems that the new recall is actually linked to an issue with the air bags. This could lead to an increased risk of injury in the event of an accident. 

In the new Nissan recall there are included QX56 SUVs from 2013 and QX80s from 2014. The airbags found in these car models were actually made by Takata Corp. Apparently, Nissan claimed that they were built with an incorrect outer baffle part. Naturally, this can cause pressure to build up, while the inflator can rupture if the driver’s side air bags are deployed. 

According to Nissan, there were no injuries linked to this problem until now. Nissan reps also claimed that the company has not been aware of this airbags issue, until the problem was made public by General Motors. GM announced a big recall linked to airbags, calling in no less than 33,000 Cruze compact cars in June 2014. 

General Motors seemed to be extremely interested in the safety of its car owners. GM has recalled millions of vehicles this year, being in the middle of a huge scandal due to the ignition switches defect. It has been claimed that GM had knew about this defect for years, but failed do to something to have it fixed. Well, GM has surely learned its lesson after receiving a record fine. 

Nissan announced a large global recall last week. The popular car maker decided to call in over 260,000 vehicles linked to various defects. These 1,800 cars are part of this large recall. Takata, on the other hand, claimed that this recall is separate from the 8 million vehicles in the US affected by the air bag issue. 

Takata conducted an investigation itself at the middle of October and claimed that the recall was necessary. The famous company also revealed that 3 deaths have been linked to the defect. Most of the car models experiencing a problem date back to 2000-2005. Hopefully, the recalls will be conducted successfully and all cars that might have a problem will be properly repaired.

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