Nissan Recalls 470,000 Vehicles Due to Fuel Leaks

Nissan is another car maker who has revealed the recall of an impressive number of vehicles. The famous company announced to be calling in no less than 470,000 cars. About 133,000 vehicles are in the United States, while the rest will be recalled from various places around the world. Nissan models affected by the problem can be found in Japan, Europe, but also China, Latin America, Africa and Middle East. 

The revelations on this latest recall were made through a post shared on Tuesday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It seems that the issue traced in these cars is actually a possible fuel leak. In the recall there are included a series of car models. Among them is the 2012-2014 Nissan Juke crossover, but also the 2012-13 Infiniti M56 sedans, 2014-15 Infiniti Q70 sedans, 2012-13 Infiniti QX56 sport utility vehicles and 2014-15 Infiniti QX80 S.U.V.s. In fact, the majority of the recalled cars are Juke crossovers. 

According to Nissan, the issue might have been caused by a fuel pressure sensor, which has not been properly installed. This means that it can cause fuel to leak and naturally this can lead to dangerous situations. It has been revealed that there were no cases of fires reported until now, but the issue has to be repaired as fast as possible. 

Actually, this is not the first time when Nissan recalls some cars linked to this problem. The famous company recalled no less than 53,600 Jukes from the 2011-2012 model years back in 2012, for the same issue. 

Apparently, Nissan announced the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about this issue in November, but it took a few days until the agency made the official announcement. 2014 has been a year filled with recalls announced by numerous car makers. Many times, car makers have shown to be extremely interested in finding a fast fix. This surely seems to be the case for Nissan now. It seems that all automakers have learned from the experience of General Motors, who received a record fine for not recalling its cars on time.

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