Nikon D5500, a great camera?

Even if the Nikon D5300 is probably the perfect dSLR for family, kids and travel photography, the new D5500 looks like to be a good update, too. This new camera comes with a few design changes, but also with a touchscreen display. Probably, its new features are not as amazing as they were at the previous version, but they are considered to be pretty decent.

The first significant difference between D5500 and D5300 is the lens. While D5300 had a lot bigger, better and more expensive, 18-140mm f3.5-5.6 lens, the new D5500 comes with 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 II lens. At the price of 850 dollars, this dSLR seems to be smaller, lighter and probably this feels like a real step down. As for the image quality, it gives the feeling that nothing had been changed compared with the D5300. However, the D5500’s photos are sharp with good color, probably a little on the cool side, producing excellent JPEG images. When it comes to bringing out shadow detail and making photos a little bit sharper, users could probably improve that by shooting raw. 

The video quality is also very good, a great improvement compared with some average cameras that users carry on vacations and for on spot hots. For users who intend to shoot more serious videos, this dSLR includes a flat picture profile, so they can preserve the otherwise clipped bright and dark areas. However, one of the camera’s biggest grads is the collapsible 18-55mm kit lens. Unfortunately it moves fairly slow during focus. To be mentioned that the camera starts up, focuses and shoots very quickly at about 0.3 second. Is very fast compared with the Pentax K-S2, for instance. But, time to focus and shoot from an out-of-focus position is at approximately 0.6 second, which is quite slow. This means that for photographing spontaneous scenes, this camera is considered to be a little laggy.

As for design, Nikon seems to have decided to cut a few millimeters off in each dimension, but it also included a grip redesign, which appears to be a little uncomfortable for users with large hands. The bottom line is that the new Nikon D550 is an excellent camera, but probably customers will still opt for D5300 for less money, because there aren’t enough differences to justify the extra money.

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