Nielsen Says Half of US Kids Want iPad For Christmas

“Dear mom and dad, tell Santa I want an iPad this Christmas”. That’s what Nielsen says half of U.S. kids want for Christmas this year. Only 39 percent of kids aged 6 to 12 asked Santa for a Wii.

This isn’t the first time a Christmas is all about Apple gadgets, although parents might not be that happy about that since an iPad or an iPhone aren’t exactly affordable gifts for a tight budget. Black Friday could be the best time to make the most of iPad and iPhone purchases, since retailers are offering in-store gift cards and rumor has it Apple has prepared some Black Friday discounts too.

Getting kids Christmas gifts has long become a hurdle. The many, many options available are either too expensive for the average American family or the kids themselves are not that impressed with what parents get on a budget. Nielsen has research data that has Apple products top of the list when it comes to what kids in US are asking Santa for.

The Nielsen report has the iPad top of the list with 48 percent of US kids age 6 to 12 asking Santa for one of those. The Nintendo Wii U is something only 39 percent of US kids in that age group would like to receive this Christmas. iPod Touch and iPad mini are both as desirable, as 36 percent in that age group want their parents to buy them one of those.

The Apple iPad remains the favorite Christmas gift for kids over 13, but instead of the Nintendo Wii U they want a computer. Then, here’s an interesting change of pace: 18 percent of kids aged 13+ would like a tablet computer other than iPad. Only 11 percent in the age group want an iPad mini and 9 percent an iPod Touch.

“Reinforcing the notion that the tablet market is the one to watch, non-Apple devices – led by Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy offerings – proved nearly as desirable as the iPad among teens and adults” writes Nielsen in its report.

In the meanwhile, estimates for iPad sales this holiday season is expected to break through the 30 million mark.

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