Nicole Scherzinger Premieres New Song

Nicole Scherzinger’s fans will surely be happy to find out that the famous singer has decided to release a new song. The new single sounds great, so it is expected to be quite a success. 

On the Rocks is the song that Nicole Scherzinger will release as her next single in the United Kingdom. The former star of the Pussycat Dolls said that she will in fact release a new album this year and it seems that Nicole is really focused on this project. This will be a new solo album, it has been revealed. 

Nicole claimed that her fans will be able to purchase this new single from iTunes starting with October 12th. This means that people who will fall in love with this new single will have the possibility to get the song in about a month and a half. However, if you are anxious to discover this new single before the official release, you should know that there is an audio version available on VEVO. 

It has been revealed that the song On the Rocks was inspired by failed relationships. So, it seems that Nicole’s way to deal with such relationships has been getting something strong, on the rocks. The ballad says that “you never miss a good thing until it’s gone,” and there is no wonder in the fact that there is some truth in that. 

The first solo album of Nicole Scherzinger was released about three years ago. Back then, Nicole launched the very famous Killer Love. Throughout the years, Nicole has grown in her musical career, getting more and more fans who are anxious to discover the latest musical project of the talented singer. 

“Because I’ve just worked with The Dream and Tricky and it is cohesive, we’ve created a sound,” Nicole said during an interview with Digital Spy. “We found a sound. We found a Nicole sound. So when you hear a couple of the songs you’ll be like, ‘Woah, that doesn’t sound like any other artist out there. Any other formula of song out there. Any other beat out there.’ I feel like it’s DNA’d to me,” the talented singer added. She also explained that Nicole’s sound is a mix of Janet Jackson’s style and some “early essences of Sade.”  

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