Nicole Kidman wants more Kids

Famous actress Nicole Kidman would love to have a bigger family. The popular actress recently revealed that she wants more kids, even though it is very unlikely for this to happen. “I mean, I hope every month that I’m pregnant, so there you go,” she said. “But I never am.”

Nicole Kidman has four children, Sunday and Faith with Keith Urban and Isabelle and Connor with first husband Tom Cruise. Isabelle and Connor were adopted by the actress during her first marriage. Nicole had Faith via surrogate, in 2011. She gave birth to her first biological child, Sunday Rose, at the age of 41. The star recently talked about her desire to be pregnant during an interview with KIIS 1065 radio station, on Friday.  

“I would be jumping for joy if it happens… I’m 47, it won’t happen,” the famous actress said.  “So many people did reach out and it’s the greatest thing… It is so beautiful and means so much,” the actress explained. Nicole has been through a very difficult time, as her father Antony recently passed away. The actress was very close to her dad. He passed away at the age of 75. 

Nicole was also asked about her dad during the interview and she nearly broke down. “He was an amazing man,” she said adding that she and her dad were very close. “We have the tightest family, we really do. Now I’ll get upset,” she added. The Hollywood star went on to thank everyone for their great support for her family during this hard moment.  

“I’m baby crazy. I love babies…kids, they are just extraordinary,” Nicole explained. However, she added that even though she wants more children, probably her husband Keith Urban will not be that happy to go back to diapers again. “He might not be jumping for joy,” the Hollywood star said laughing. 

Still, there is hope, although Nicole claimed that most likely it will never happen. “My grandmother had her last baby at 49 so you never know,” the star said. Maybe, Nicole and her famous husband will become parents once again. 

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