Nicole Kidman: “I Don’t Mind Shooting Naked Scenes”

Nicole Kidman is one of the few actresses who still feel comfortable about their bodies even though they are in their 40s. During a recent interview with the W magazine, the actress confessed that she doesn’t mind shooting naked scenes because she focuses on the character instead of her insecurities.

The 44-year-old actress opened up about her career and personal life in a recent interview with reporters at W magazine. Since most of her nude scenes have been highly appreciated by fans and film critics, Nicole Kidman had to share her opinion about staying naked in front of the cameras. Her answer was very different than what reporters were expecting; Kidman confessed that she is not ashamed of shooting sex scenes, she actually enjoys them.

The mother of two has just completed her most recent movie “Hemmingway & Gellhorn” where the actress shares several passionate scenes with actor Clive Owen. According to her, sex played an important part in the relationship between Ernest Hemingway and his mistress-turned-wife, Martha Gellhorn because she uses sex to cut Hemingway off. In the movie, Owen and Kidman play the part of Hemingway and Gellhorn who spend years reporting from war-thorn countries and eventually fall in love with each other.

Although Kidman is comfortable with sex scenes, we can’t tell the same thing about her family who is not always allowed to watch the actress’ movies. Her mother, Janelle, liked “Moulin Rouge” and “The Hour”, but criticized the 44-year-old actress for the 2006 movie “Fur”. Kidman shocked her audience when she was seen shaving Robert Downey Jr.’s character from head to toe and then having sex with him. Unlike her mother, Kidman is amused by the scene because she is the only person to have ever shaved Downey’s entire body.

Nicole Kidman shares a similarly passionate relationship with her husband, Urban, but they see it as a loving partnership. The two have been through an experience that bonded them: singer Urban had to undergo a vocal cord surgery and was not allowed to speak for more than three weeks. The two could not hold their tears when Urban uttered his first words and Kidman confessed it was a very emotional moment.

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