Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Renewing their Wedding Vows

Famous actress Nicole Kidman and her popular musician husband, Keith Urban, are set to renew their wedding vows. It has been claimed that the two stars are very much in love, even though they have been a married couple for many years.

So, Nicole and Keith have been through some difficult moments during their long lasting relationship, but the two managed to overcome all their issues and remained together. Furthermore, it has been claimed that Nicole and Keith have been through some very difficult times at the beginning of the year. Allegedly, it all happened because of their very busy schedules.

However, despite the fact that they did not have time to spend together, Keith “has realized that he can’t live without Nicole and has asked her to renew their vows. Nicole thinks it’s a great idea,” a source said according to In Touch. And it seems that the pair has already started to plan their special ceremony. “They’re secretly organizing an intimate beach ceremony for this winter in Hawaii, where Nicole was born,” the same insider explained.

The source also said that this does not mean that Nicole and Keith will have a big or a lavish ceremony. In fact, the pair decided to opt for a private event. Allegedly they “want to keep their special day as private as possible, so only their closest family and friends will be invited,” the source explained. “It’s going to be very low-key and very romantic,” the insider concluded. The source also said that their love for one another is quite visible when Nicole and Keith are together, as they cannot “keep their hands off each other.”

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban got married back in 2006. The two have been linked to some marriage trouble rumors earlier this year when Nicole, in an unexpected gesture, kissed her co-star Alexander Skarsgard on the lips at the Emmy Awards. A source claimed that Keith was very unhappy with his wife’s gesture and he actually accused her of “disrespecting and humiliating him.”

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