Nicolas Cage skips jail

The Hollywood star Nicolas Cage won’t go to jail this time. He won’t be charged  in regard with the case in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Nicolas Cage, 47, was arrested last month, April 16th, for domestic abuse on his wife, Alice Kim, 27, and disturbing the public peace. They were in the city for the actor’s filming in the movie “Medallion”.

After having had a little too much to drink, Cage got into an argument with his wife and ended up assaulting her. This was happening in the middle of the street, in the popular French Quarter – which was lined with bars and clubs – with people walking by, that didn’t know what to think of the couple’s “street fight”. Witnesses called the police and claimed they even saw Cage pushing Kim. It seemed like they were having a fight about where they lived. Cage mistook a house they were passing by for the one they lived in and wanted to go inside. Kim tried to correct him and that’s where it all started: he began pushing and pulling her, raised his voice and started a whole scandal in the middle of the night. When the police appeared, called by the onlookers, he taunted them saying: “Why don’t you just arrest me?” So they did.

Police took Nicolas Cage in custody over night. While in custody he went under several basic testing and it was confirmed that the level of alcohol in his blood was very high. In other words he was heavily intoxicated. In fact, he was so drunk that se couldn’t even tell the officers where he lives, according to Fox News.
The Oscar-winning actor was charged with domestic abuse and drunkenness.   He was set a bail of 11,000 dollars.

Nicolas Cage’s attorney, Harry Rosenberg tells People Magazine that after a complete and detailed investigation of the matters, the “New Orleans District attorney has confirmed that no charges of any kind will be pursued against him” and that the case has now been closed.  Rosenberg also added that he is pleased with the way the investigation went ahead and with the result, as it was a fair and honest process. He hopes that his client’s image of an outlaw will now be cleared, despite de wrong media reports in regard with the case.

The New Orleans District attorney wasn’t available for comments at the moment. 

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