Nicki Minaj Slams Steven Tyler as Racist

It’s been some time, Nicki Minaj started her gig as judge on the “American Idol” panel, but for some this isn’t news that has settled well. Steven Tyler just joined the Mariah Carey side with a comment Nicki Minaj slammed as racist.

It felt like the people are finally accustomed with Nicki Minaj as the “American Idol” judge, but Steven Tyler reignited the fire. Nicki Minaj has fired back immediately and slammed Steven Tyler as a racist for a comment that criticized her judging on the show and the feud with Mariah Carey.

In a recent interview for MTV News, Steven Tyler was asked to give his take on the new judges on “American Idol” and the controversial debate between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. “I know that they’ve got something going on on the judges’ panel, it shouldn’t be that, it should be just the opposite. They should have something going on, which is called ‘camaraderie’” Steven Tyler said of the new judging panel.

“You just have to give your opinion. It wasn’t hard for me, but I would imagine it’s hard for some people, and they need a manager to say, ‘Shut the f— up, and just give them your opinion” Steven Tyler said, most likely talking about the feud between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj.

But then he took a direct shot at Nicki Minaj, which got the rapper slamming him for being racist. “These kids, they just got out of a car from the Midwest somewhere, and they’re in New York City, they’re scared to death; you’re not going to get the best (out of them that way)…” he told MTV News.

“If it was Bob Dylan, Nicki Minaj would have had him sent to the cornfield!” Steven Tyler added. “Whereas, if it was Bob Dylan with us, we would have brought the best of him out, as we did with Philip Philips. Just saying.”

“I understand you really wanted to keep your job but take that up with the producers” Nicki Minaj reacted to Steven Tyler’s comments. “I haven’t done anything to you. That’s a racist comment. You assume that I wouldn’t have liked Bob Dylan???why? black? rapper?what? go f— yourself and worry about yourself babe” she added.

“LOL lets make him a shirt that says ‘No Coloreds Allowed’ then escort him down 2 Barbara Walters so he can tell how he was threatened w/guns” Nicki Minaj later added dragging Mariah Carey into the rant too.

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  1. That comment that he made was very racist and I dont think that should have been said. Nicki Has the right to be mad and Mariah Carey need to sit her butt down somewhere and take care of her kids..,!
    Reppin Nicki Minaj:)

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