Nick Jonas Wants To Be An “American Idol” Judge

For the most part a lot of the rumors around the “American Idol” judges proved to be true. So, chances are Nick Jonas is actually going to be the next judge on the show. In a recent statement, Nick Jonas confirmed the negotiations and affirmed he wants to be an “American Idol” judge.

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler left “American Idol” last month following weeks of rumors. Although many saw it coming, for most of the show’s fans the recent shifts in the “American Idol” judging panel took them by surprise. Just a few days after Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler announced their departures, Mariah Carey signed a deal for an $18 million contract.

Over the weekend, the 19-year-old star confirmed rumors about him being considered for an “American Idol” judging gig. “The rumors are true”, Nick Jonas tweeted this Saturday. “I am being considered to be a judge on American Idol, and it would be a dream come true if it happens” said the youngest of the Jonas brothers.

“American Idol” producers are obviously on the lookout for some fresh blood. And the Jonas brothers are still getting a lot of attention, although it’s mostly coming from teenage girls. Sure, it’s a dream come true for any of today’s star, more or less popular, to judge at least a season of the popular “American Idol”. But Nick Jonas might not be able to handle such a big gig. In the end, he’s only 19 years old.

However, if Nick Jonas will be confirmed as the next “American Idol” judge, he’s got some big shoes to fill. Steven Tyler is a rock star of insane popularity and with a huge experience in front of the cameras and in the showbiz industry. It’s hard not to wonder whether Nick Jonas is going to have enough industry experience to judge talent accurately.

For the moment being, “American Idol” has Mariah Carey confirmed to replace Jennifer Lopez. Since there’s no confirmation whether or not Randy Jackson will return for Season 12, chances are the show’s producers are in the market for two more judges. What do you think? Will Nick Jonas make a great “American Idol” judge or is he too young?

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  1. Nick will make a great talent judge. He has performed for a dozen years alone and with his bros. in the music biz,..he has acted in Broadway musicals for nearly 10 years, both as a leading man and as an accompanying artist…for years, he has written and produced music for himself, his bros., and other established performers…he has acted in movies and on television…and more. Plus, he’s so mature, he’s said to be 19 (20 next month)going on 30.

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