Nick Jonas Loves An Older Woman

It’s not really fair to call her “older woman” be cause she is not really old. But she is just the right age for a young man that just started living – like Nick Jonas – to fall in love.

The 18-year-old Nick Jonas was seen walking hand in hand with Delta Goodrem, an Australian actress and singer. She is 26. Last Sunday, they were seen leaving the Arclight movie theater in Hollywood. They weren’t alone though. They went to catch the movie “Bridesmaids” along with other friends, including Joe, Nick’s older brother. They were both comfortable in the presence of each other. And not only that, but they held hands all the way from the movie theater to the car. Paparazzi photographed them all the way and said they didn’t for once stopped toughing each other.

Of course, much of this story is yet speculation. None of the two has opened up about a love affair between them. They were avoiding the photographers, not looking at them, but didn’t have a hostile attitude. They just didn’t seem to be affected by them. But one night out at the movies is not enough to believe that this is truly a relationship.

However, if this is true – that they are dating – it’s not an old relationship, as Delta Goodrem just ended up a relationship in April. She and boyfriend Brian McFadden, a former member of the UK boyband Westlife broke up, ending a relationship that was going on for four years.

Nick Jonas has had several famous girlfriends. The latest ones were colleagues of the Disney Club. When he was 14, he started dating Miley Cirus which starred in the famous Hanna Montana series. They dated for 2 years and Miley had told Larry King in an interview that they were in love. After breaking up, Hanna dated model Justin Gaston, who was introduced to her by her father. He said he is till very young and he’s got a life left to live. Then started going out with Selena Gomez, from the series The Wizards of Waverly Place. They broke up, got back together, then broke up again, this time for good, in 2010.

While his brothers, Kevin and Joe held on to their girls, Nick wasn’t that lucky until now. Who knows, maybe he will make it this time. But, as he said, there is no rush, he is still very young.

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  1. I’m sorry, if this is a relationship…That’s way too fast for someone to legitimately bounce back from a long, engaged relationship….Just last month she broke with her fiance…Watch on this one….I admire all of the Jonases’ for their dedication and their modesty-I sure hope this isn’t what it’s rumored to be…If it is, I hope it’ll all work itself out-whatever happens.

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