Nick Jonas Gains Weight

It seems that Nick Jonas has gained a lot of weight. Actually, this made his brothers call him the Hulk. So, it looks that the Jonas brothers are having a lot of fun to see Nick gaining some extra pounds. 

Actually, Nick Jonas had to gain some weight for his role as a mixed martial arts fighter. The famous singer will star in the movie Kingdom, a new drama film which currently is in the works. Naturally, to be able to look like a martial arts fighter, Nick had to put on some extra weight. However, this made his brothers easily find a nickname for him. 

So, Kevin, Joe and Frankie compare Nick with the superhero Hulk. As filming for Kingdom has ended, Nick is now trying to eliminate the extra pounds. To be able to do that, he is working out a few times a week, the famous actor claimed. 

“I gained about 15 pounds of muscle for the role. I really wanted to look like an animal who internalises a lot, but when he’s in the cage and he’s fighting that’s when you see this kind of animalistic mentality that he has,” Nick actually revealed. He went on to add that his brothers “were calling me the Hulk and they were poking fun at me a little bit.”

Nick Jonas has always been careful about looks and nutrition, but the actor said that he only realized now how important they are. The singer was in fact diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about 9 years ago, when he was only 13 years old. “I really got into living a really healthy lifestyle and physical fitness last year. I saw pretty quickly how it improved my health and the diabetes. I’ve stuck with it,” the singer said. 

Well, it has been claimed that Nick Jonas achieved quite an impressive performance in the new movie in which he stars. Kingdom will be released on October 8, so there are only a few months left until we will see exactly how great his performance was. 

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