Nick Jonas and Kendall Jenner are not dating

Nick Jonas has recently been linked to one of the most beautiful of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. The popular singer was said to be dating Kendall Jenner, but it seems that the rumors were not true after all. The rumors were dismissed by Nick, who wanted to let everyone know that the he and Kendall were not forming a couple. 

Nick was linked to Kendall after the two were spotted together on various occasions. However, the singer revealed the reason to that, putting the rumors to rest. “We’re not dating. Kendall is great and naturally with her being good friends with Gigi [Hadid] and with Joe [Jonas] and Gigi dating, there are times we’ll be in the same place and we all hang out,” the star said. 

Moreover, Nick claimed that he is not searching for a serious romance, at least for now. The singer recently separated from his long-time girlfriend Olivia Culpo and it seems that he is just willing to enjoy life as a single man. The star claimed that he likes to go out and enjoy a drink or dinner with someone, but when it comes to romances, he wants to keep things light and causal. 

Nick went on to say that he wants to focus on his career now, as he has numerous projects going on and is happy this way. “I [also] like being able to work as hard as I want. I’m incredibly driven and with all the projects I have going on, they take up a lot of my time. I like to work hard and just be as focused on work as possible.”

When it comes to his career, the singer is set to debut the music video for his single Levels at the MTV awards ceremony that will take place soon. When talking about this project, the star said that performing Levels has been a challenge, as this is a very difficult song, due to the high notes. However, Nick Jonas revealed that he loves the song and he considered it to be the perfect “way to sort of cut a new path for me while still touching on some of the older sounds.”

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