Nick Cannon Wears $2 Million Shoes

Nick Cannon managed to shock and impress with his brand new shoes. The famous star was actually wearing some $2 million shoes at the American’s Got Talent show finale. The shoes are so expensive as they actually are diamond encrusted. 

So, Nick Cannon was spotted wearing the ridiculously expensive shoes on Wednesday. Naturally, Cannon shared a picture of the shoes, too, and revealed how much they cost. The imaged on his footwear was posted on Women’s Wear Daily’s Instagram page. “A million each foot… Pow!” the post accompanying the image said. 

Of course, the footwear is without a doubt impressive. It has been revealed that each shoe holds over 14,000 full-cut diamonds set in white gold with a weight of 340 carats. The impressive pair of shoes was created by Jason Arashenen. The popular designer actually claimed that he was approached by Cannon, who asked him to help at this special project. 

Actually, Jason Arashenen revealed that he was first approached by Cannon back in 2013. “Not very often do I get a request for the most expensive shoes in the world. When Nick approached me last year, he said he wanted to make history and be so over-the-top,” Jason Arashenen recently claimed. “He wanted to set a new standard in diamonds,” the popular designer revealed and naturally he was happy to be able to work at this project. 

The jeweler said that he covered a pair of Tom Ford evening shows in the impressive diamond sets. Naturally, the process was extremely complex, so it took over one year for the talented jeweler to complete it and reach what Nick Cannon wanted to get. 

The cost of the shoes, $2 million, makes them the most expensive pair of shoes ever worn. There is no wonder that Cannon’s shoes are actually considered for the Guinness Book of World Records. Maybe, Cannon will set a record with his footwear. 

Nick Cannon and his famous wife Mariah Carrey separated last month. Apparently, things could no longer work for this celebrity couple. Well, Nick is surely doing well, enjoying great success in his career. 

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