Nick Cannon Says He Had Nothing to Do with Mariah’ and Bryan’s Split

One of the main news of the week when it comes to celebrity couples is the fact that Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka have separated. It has been claimed that the two stars are no longer dating because Mariah has had it with Bryan’s extreme jealousy.

The news was initially reported by Naughty Gossip, but a series of other reports also emerged on this subject. The rumors claimed that Mariah ended her romance with her backup dancer because of his jealousy and the fact that she was the one paying his salary. One report also claimed that Bryan was getting very mad about everything related to Mariah and was very jealous of the singer’s close relationship with her former husband, Nick Cannon. Bryan and Mariah have been a couple for about five months.

When asked about his potential involvement with this split, Nick Cannon said that he had nothing to do with it. The famous star told Entertainment Tonight that he knows nothing about this separation. “I got too many of my own relationship issues to be worried about an old relationship,” he said.

Although Nick claimed that he had nothing to do with this split, he revealed that he and Mariah will always be a family. “Most men are jealous of me. I’m joking. But I know nothing about it. For me, at the end of the day, she’s an amazing mother and we focus on our kids. That’s never going to change no matter who’s in my life or who’s in her life. We have kids together, so we’ll always be family,” he said.

Nick also said that he does not get involved and does not care what Mariah does in her personal life, and even claimed that he does not know what type of relationship Mariah and Bryan have. However, the star revealed that there are always chances for him and Mariah to get back together, as they are a family and he “will always love her.”

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