NFL Junior Seau Dead At 43

Future NFL Hall of Famer, Junior Seau was found dead at 43 years old on Wednesday, says Daily News. At the first look, it appears that the football player put an end to his life by shooting himself in the chest. Police officers will investigate the scene to determine whether it was murder or suicide.

Families and friends acknowledged that Junior Seau’s behavior had been somewhat strange in the past years, but they never expected the future Hall of Famer to resort to such a drastic measure. The motives that might have pushed Seau to take his own life remain unknown for the moment. Doctors think there may be a connection between the brain damages and concussions that football players suffer during careers and their suicidal attempts.

According to the declarations of their families and friends, Seau had been incredibly caring and loving with them in the past weeks. The late linebacker used to send messages to his ex-wife and kids simply telling them that he loves them. His mother, Luisa Seau told the press that she visited her son on Tuesday and he seemed to be in a very good disposition. However, she sensed that something was wrong with him when Seau called her on Wednesday morning because he had a “bad voice”.

Suicidal attempts are very frequent among former NFL players, which is why doctors plan to study these cases to determine whether head injuries lead to profound psychological traumas. The former San Diego Charger is another NFL player who committed suicide even though he had been named to 12 Pro Bowls and was enjoying a good reputation among players.

Seau was found in his home by his girlfriend who immediately called the police. After a brief investigation, authorities reached the conclusion that the 43-year-old player shot himself in the chest. The investigation will continue, nevertheless, because the family wants to make sure that Seau was not shot by somebody else.

Junior Seau used to play for the Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots. He retired in 2009, but his time in retirement was not at all relaxing. In fact, he was arrested on suspicion of beating his girlfriend and drove his SUV off a 30-foot California cliff.

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  1. Here it is September 18, 2012, and I am still in utter shock. I must admit that I missed all of the news regarding this terrible loss; why I don;t know but I did. I didn’t hear about it until sometime during the Preseason, and it was just a brief comment made by one of the commentators. I called my son in Seattle and asked him if anything had happened to Junior and he confirmed my fears. I retired as a Marine out of Camp Pendleton, CA. (1991), and we followed Junior and the Chargers for many years; I also played service football, 8 man, tackle, and was an inside linebacker, through the age of 36 (12 years). If this means anything of not, I have a tremor in my left hand that began before I retired, yet can be only diagnosed as a Tremor. I’ve also been medicated for PTSD since 1987; my thoughts of suicide are nearly daily even with meds. I totally understand how Junior may have been feeling and my heart is very heavy right now for him, hiw family, who I know, even with his action, he loved with all his heart, and friends. It’s just a reminder that there is a significant price that some of us pay for the love of such a violant game. Our heads/brains are not conditioned for such a constant beating, and then, the other emotional let downs along the way. Junior was such a bright shining star, a wonderful role model, and still someone to be looked up to. God bless this Warrior and his family and friends. Mahalo. Pete Gonder

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