NFL Gets New Uniforms

Who said NFL players can’t be fashion models? The presentation of the new NFL uniforms in Brooklyn left everyone speechless as the models were unexpectedly stylish and comfortable at the same time. According to NFL’s declarations, the new uniforms were created in collaboration with NIKE to enable football players to have better results on the field, says Reuters.

NFL representatives met NIKE’s members and Commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday to present the new models of uniforms in Brooklyn. Designers’ main focus was to create pants and shirts that are light and elastic enough to allow players to freely execute their moves on the field. The collection is called Nike Elite 51 and it will be worn by 32 NFL teams in the upcoming season.

The players who have tested the new uniforms have all described them in terms of improved functionality. St. Louis Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan told the press that the he felt the pants and the shirts were everything a player could want in a jersey. He further stated that unlike the previous uniforms which limited the players, the new jerseys are so comfortable that you can feel the difference just by walking around with them.

It took two years to produce the new models even though they haven’t suffered any modifications except for their shape and size. There have been several NFL teams who chose to completely redesign their uniforms, such as, the Seattle Seahawks.

After testing the new jerseys for several hours, most players confirmed that they feel much more comfortable while playing football because the materials are lighter. According to NIKE designers, the uniforms are now 8 percent lighter thanks to the used materials. Even the metal belt buckle has been replaced with aluminum. In addition, NIKE created two types of jerseys, ones that can be worn in the summer and others that may be used in the winter.

Commissioner Roger Goodell concluded that the new uniforms have been praised by all football players. In fact, they all looked so pleased about the models that they no longer wanted to take them off.


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