Newark International Airport Incident: Two Airplanes Clip Wings

The Associated Press reports that two passenger airplanes getting ready to take off at the Newark International Airport clipped their wings on Wednesday afternoon. The incident occurred at around 7:30 p.m. when Scandinavian Airlines Flight 908 on its way to Oslo hit the tail of the Nashville-bound ExpressJet Flight 4226.

Authorities at Newark International Airport were getting ready for the worst when two of the airplanes on the runway clipped their wings. Scandinavian Airlines Flight 908 and Nashville ExpressJet Flight 4226 were getting ready to take off at around 7:30 on Wednesday afternoon. The airport traffic control tower witnessed the two planes bumping into each other, but there was nothing they could do to prevent the incident.

According to witness’ declaration the Scandinavian airplane heading to Oslo hit the tail of the Nashville ExpressJet. Although the passengers were not injured, the two planes were severely damaged as the wing of the Scandinavian Airlines plane was entirely broken. Both airplanes headed to the gates and the passengers were disembarked after the accident. Authorities are now investigating the scene and the two airplanes to determine what might have caused the incident. No other details have been released by the airport spokesperson for the moment.

The accident scared all the passengers on board of the two planes, but they did not suffer any physical injuries. United ExpressJet officials told reporters at the Associated Press that all the 31 passengers left the airplane normally and they were taken to the terminal by bus in order to be re-accommodated. The company further stated that they are now working to find the cause of the incident and to prevent similar episodes from taking place again in the future.

The airport schedule was completely ruined after the airplane incident and workers had to rearrange all their flights. Passengers had to wait until the airport managed to get back into harness, but their flights had been delayed by 45 minutes.

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