New York Times sends subscription emails to millions by mistake

Many magazine readers were surprised to see that New York Times sent them an email on Wednesday morning. According to Reuters, the prestigious newspaper sent emails to 8 million people by mistake. The online messages promised subscribers that they would receive various discounts if they continued their membership. The trouble was that none of the recipients cancelled their subscriptions in the first place, so people are now trying to find out why the newspaper sent those messages.

The spokespersons of New York Times stated that the event was caused by human error. Based on their declarations, the employees of the newspaper were supposed to send around 300 or 400 emails to some of their customers, but they mistakenly sent them to 8 million people in their computer list.

Given the proportions of the occurrence, recipients thought it was a security breach, so they immediately accessed the Twitter and Facebook accounts of the newspaper to discover the truth. In the end, the magazine’s reps reassured them that no hackers were involved and that the security of the website was not at fault.

The official announcement of the paper said: “An email was sent earlier today from The New York Times in error. This email should have been sent to a very small number of subscribers, but instead was sent to a vast distribution list made up of people who had previously provided their email address to The New York Times”.

The original email began by telling people that they had received the message as a result of their decision to cancel the membership. The newspaper continued by informing readers that they would lose their unlimited access to New York Times materials if they agreed to delete their newspaper account. As a recompense for those customers who kept their subscription, the newspaper would have offered a 50 percent reduced rate for 16 weeks on home delivery.

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