New York Tech Day Highlights

CNET News has made a list of some of the most interesting technological programs they have discovered while visiting the NY Tech Day on Thursday. More than 200 New York-based startups showed up at the event which was hosted by the 69th Regiment Armory.

It was rather hard for CNET to distinguish some of the best offers of the startups that showed up at the NY Tech Day, but reporters eventually managed to come up with a list of programmes you might be interested in. The criteria that were used in the selection of the programs were the price and the innovative technology.

FoundIt is one of the most attractive services that reporters have found during their visit at the show. According to the description provided by its creators, the program is meant to help you locate the objects you have lost with the help of an online account. For that you need to pay $9.99 for 12 stickers and a year of access to the FoundIt Web site. You must apply the stickers on the objects that you hold most valuable as these will help you locate the lost devices.

TheMutual is the only discounting site that will also enable you to do charitable work. The creators claim that the website charges a $10 fee, but they will only use $2 for perks because the rest of the money is going to charitable institutions. Users can choose to donate $8 to one single cause or they can divide them to multiple causes, depending on their preferences.

Since applications are everywhere these days, Yapp has created the first mobile app development platform for the masses. The service has been provided with tools that make it easier for people to create their own applications for various events, such as, weddings, conferences, birthday parties, etc. These apps will not be available on Android Market or Apple App’s Store, but rather on emails, URLs or QR codes.

Songza is an interesting app for smartphone owners who are very fond of music. The program offers a wide range of playlists taking into consideration the day of the week, the time of the day and the type of activity you want to develop. In addition, the library of 18 million songs is legal, so you don’t have to worry about license rights.

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