New Window Phone To Be Released During Holiday Season 2013

Windows is not ready yet to launch a new product amidst the masses of hungry electronics consumers. The company posted a job announcement revealing that the new Windows phone will not be released sooner than the holiday season 2013, according to CNET News.

Job announcements seem to be the indirect declarations that editors look into whenever they want to understand the future plans of a software or IT company. They have, thus, managed to get useful insights about Apple’s plans for their upcoming digital media receiver and the same could happen for the new Windows Phone.

Reporters at CNET News have come across a job posting published by Microsoft which discloses the release date of the future Windows Phone. The software company is on the lookout for a new Software Development Engineer that could help perform tests for the next Windows Phone. Candidates are invited to join the company now as Microsoft is getting ready for their next release which is set during the “holiday of this year”. In addition to this year’s big launching events, the company is doing its best to maintain the momentum for the Windows Phone by bringing new “killer devices” on the market.

If you’re not a software developer, the most important aspect you need to remember from Microsoft’s job posting is that the launching of the much-awaited Windows Phone Blue is due to take place around the holiday season of 2013. No other details have been provided in relation to the device, so tech lovers will most likely have to rely on the rumors and suppositions circling the Internet.

Some pieces of information have, nevertheless, leaked from a previous job posting where Windows Blue Phone was described as an improved and advanced smartphone. Microsoft claims all the elements representing the “core experience” have been improved, that is, the start screen, the application lifecycle, the windows and the customization options. The new phone will run on Windows 8 operating system.

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