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New website for the latest beauty news

Beautypod is the latest website where you can find fresh news about beauty and style. The French website offers both journalists and common people the latest in fashion, make-up, fragrances and beauty tips.

The journalists that write beauty columns and news have now a helping hand when it comes to documentation. On August 30, a new website offers the possibility of quick documentation on the latest beauty and style news: Beautypod.

The website Beautypod is actually an online press release agency which offers journalists the latest information in fashion, make-up, fragrances, and cosmetics. It is accessible 365 days a year and, according to PremiumBeautyNews, it was conceived as “a showroom fully dedicated” to offer information about product launches, discoveries, business plans and many more, in regard to the beauty industry.

The website was created by Ravensara Distribution& Communication, an agency that is specialized in cosmetic brands that function at an international level. Claire Viger, the head of the company’s press office, believes that there was a need to invent such a website:

“In light of technological advances that have been occurring for 10 year”, she says, “and of the correlated media needs, it appeared necessary to invent a web-based solution that would be… fast, easy, targeted… in short magic”. Viger, who has an experience of over a decade in the field, added that Beautypod aims “to hit always faster, farther and to save time for everyone”.

In order to get the latest information from the beauty news website, all you have to do is make an account. Beautypod is online since for almost a week and it already has 1500 journalists that have registered in its database. In addition to that, each press release that is posted on the website is read by an average of 200 people.

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