New shocking photo of Michael Jackson revealed in courtroom

On Tuesday, a new shocking photo of the late pop icon Michael Jackson was revealed in the courtroom. The photo of the dead body of the King was taken just before the autopsy procedure. Michael’s mother left the courtroom just before the photo was shown, Daily Mail reports.

New details in the case of people vs. Murray were surfaced. The most shocking one was the second photo of the singer’s dead body, which revealed a horrifying-skinny Jackson, one day after his death. Michael’s mother, Katherine, who had just returned to Los Angeles after the tribute to her son held in Wales, was escorted out of the courtroom prior to the revealing of the disturbing picture.

The photo was discussed by Dr. Christopher Rogers, the Los Angeles Deputy Medical Examiner. He stated that despite what we may think as too skinny, Jackson was actually in the normal weight range for his height and age. “He was healthier than the average person of his age,”, the doctor added, explaining that there was no sign of bad cholesterol in the singer’s heart walls. According to him, the cause of Michael’s death was homicide by acute propofol intoxication. He stated that Dr. Murray’s claim – that of Michael injecting the drug to himself while Murray was away from the room for a few minutes – does not stand. The drug takes more time to conduct to heart failure and there was simply not enough time for Jackson to inject himself the drug and then die in such a short amount of time. Dr. Rogers added that Dr. Murray did not have the equipment necessary to establish the proper Propofol dose that was needed. “It would be easy for the doctor to estimate wrongly and give too much Propofol”, dr. Rogers stated.

Dr. Murray did not testify in court, but the jurors could hear an audio tape of his testimony so far. He said that Michael had begged him to help him rest after trying to do so for hours and hours. After trying to minimize the Propofol dose for his patient, the doctor claims he gave up and game him a dose just to help him sleep.” I had no intentions of hurting him. And I was compassionate,” he said.

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