New Samsung Galaxy S4 Ad Released for Father’s Day

A new Samsung Galaxy S4 ad has been released for the public in America, but the spot no longer makes negative references to the rival iPhone. The new ad is in fact a celebration of Father’s Day which will be held on June 16 this year, CNET News writes.

Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched several months ago, but the company still feels they need to post clips to show buyers the amazing features that the smartphone has. The most recent clip which was released for the American public shows just how useful the new Samsung Galaxy S4 can be for newly dads.

The spot begins with a father who tries to swaddle his new born baby, but he could clearly use a helping hand. Yet, when the wife calls, the man refuses to admit that he needs help and reassures her, instead, that he has the whole situation under control. After he finishes the conversation with his wife, he uses the S Voice command of the highly advanced smartphone to search for You Tube tutorials that show him the correct swaddling directions.

Samsung Galaxy S4 can be controlled from a distance as the device automatically starts and stops the video, based on the users’ eye movements. He can also use Air Gesture to swipe through images and news articles, so the modern father can handle any unexpected situation.

The ad ends with a humorous moment, which could further draw consumers’ sympathy. Once he has finished swaddling the baby, the father takes him in his arms and asks him if he was alright. The boy replies by releasing a baby fart and judging by the looks on his face, he was more than comfortable in his new swaddle. The new spot from Samsung is clearly a separation from the previous clips where Galaxy S4 was constantly compared with iPhone, the indirect message being that iPhone has already become too outdated.

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  1. Wow really? Maybe if the guy spent more time going to parenting classes instead of messing around on his smartphone, he’d know how to do something as SIMPLE as that. The next ad will show how a full grown man needs YouTube to show him how to tie his shoelaces.

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