New Rumors reveal iPhone 6 Release

New rumors are now linked to the release of iPhone 6. Apple recently announced the release of its new high-end phone, so there is no wonder that speculation increased on this subject. 

Apple has always been focused on offering its customers the best quality products. Actually, Apple always impresses with innovation, so the expectations from iPhone 6 are huge. So, the release date of the new flagship iPhone will be in September. So, fans of Apple products should be happy to find out that they will be able to discover the new product this fall. 

As Apple already had us used, the famous smartphone maker will release its new iPhone in two variations. So, the company will release both a 4.7 inch display phone and a 5.5 inch display device. However, only the 4.7 inch model will be released now, while the 5.5 inch iPhone is set for a later release date, which has not been revealed at this point. 

When it comes to the features of the new product, the iPhone 6 is set to come with an A8 chip that is said to be faster and more effective than what users have seen so far in the models that have been released on the market. The new iPhone 6 is also said to come with an absolutely unique feature. This feature is the Sapphire crystal screen. 

This is the first time when the Sapphire crystal will be used in Apple’s iPhone, which has featured so far the Corning Gorilla Glass technology. It is yet to see how impressive this new technology will be. However, the most debated aspect about this new release is if the iPhone 6 will have a curve display or not. Some rumors indicate that it will come with a curve display, but there are others that claim that this new phone will actually come with a flat screen, such as the iPhone 5s. 

There are a series of rumors associated to this new and highly expected phone, iPhone 6. However, it is yet to see what Apple has prepared and what this new product will feature. 

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