New Rumors on Amal Clooney’s Pregnancy

According to several reports, Amal Clooney is pregnant. The rumors say that Amal and famous actor George Clooney are going to become parents for the first time. A new report has also indicated that the two are having a great time thinking about possible baby names. 

So, George and Amal are reportedly expecting twins and are currently choosing names for their babies. A new report from InTouch said that the two have already chosen a name option for one of the upcoming babies. The celebrity site allegedly talked to a person with knowledge of the two star’s plans.

“[George]’s gone from never wanting to be a father to being totally excited about the pregnancy and the thought of raising two children who will call him Dad. He’s been doting on Amal’s every need and talking to her belly. He’s also having a blast coming up with baby names,” the insider explained. “The name Nicholas – after his dad, Nick Clooney – is a shoo-in for his son. As far as girl names, he’s leaving that up to Amal,” the same source added. 

The report also indicated that Amal and George unfortunately had problems when it comes to conceiving and this is why they decided to turn to the help of in vitro fertilization. The source revealed that the Hollywood actor and the famous lawyer have tried for quite some time to have a child.

“They had been trying for a baby all summer and it just wasn’t happening, so they sought the help of a fertility doctor and started in vitro fertilization,” the insider said. “George has never had trouble doing anything in his life. Plus, Amal is afraid of needles, so her biggest fear was getting the hormone injections,” it concluded. 

The insider claimed that the news that they will have twins came as a shock for the famous couple. “They can’t believe in just a few months, they’re going to have two babies. They’re having so much fun looking at all the latest baby gadgets and getting everything ready for the twins. They’re going to be such amazing parents.” As imagined, the two stars have not addressed the rumors. 

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