New Rumors About Samsung Galaxy S IV: Unbreakable Screen

SEOUL (Reuters) – Samsung may be the world’s leading technology company at present, but the smartphone maker understands that continuous efforts have to be made to preserve its leading position. The new Samsung Galaxy S IV could be released much sooner than expected and it could even feature an unbreakable screen.  

Samsung and Apple have been battling over market shares ever since they released their first smartphones. The Cupertino, California based company is gaining territory thanks to its newly launched iPhone 5, but Samsung is determined to keep the stakes high. The South Korean company recently announced that they plan to release Samsung Galaxy S IV much sooner than it was initially said and rumor has it that the new device will be endowed with unprecedented features.

Improved options represent the aspect that technological companies will be focusing on in the following period. These are the only unique selling points they may resort to since there don’t seem to be too many differences on the outside.

If there is one thing Samsung is good at, that is to produce high-quality screens and displays. The company plans to use all the experience they have acquired in this field to boost the performance of their upcoming device.

The unbreakable screen that will be used on Samsung Galaxy S IV will be much bigger and better than the ones used on other predecessors, the company stated. The gadget will also have a quad-core processor and a 13-megapixel camera. The picture density is the best that we have seen so far, namely, of 441 pixels per inch. Galaxy S III had a picture density of 306 pixels per inch, whereas iPhone 5 boasts 326 pixels per inch.

Samsung Galaxy S IV could be released in the first months of 2013 and analysts estimate that the launching event could take place even sooner than May, that is, less than a year since the release of Galaxy S III. The company will mainly focus on the release of high-end devices on the first half of 2013. These will, nevertheless, be followed by affordable models

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