New Report Shows Link Between Chinese Government And Hacking Attacks Against US

A new report published by the American company Mandiant proves that there is a link between the Chinese government and the numerous hacking attacks that have been performed against US media institutions. The security firm claims the Chinese groups of hackers have been hired by the Chinese government to breach media companies, such as, New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

The Chinese government, as well as many Chinese manufacturers, has been accused in the past of using various methods to gain access to the computers of American companies and gather information. The evidence, however, was not enough to support these allegations, so the accusations were eventually dropped. The 60-page report that the American company, Mandiant, published on Monday contains all the proofs that the American authorities were looking to show that the Chinese government has been behind the hacking attacks performed against US.

Based on the information disclosed in the papers, the attacks originated in a building near Shanghai, the headquarters of the People’s Liberation Army Unit 61398. Given the location of the attacks, the security company s convinced that the hacking groups either belong to the said unit of the People’s Liberation Army or they are controlled by the Chinese military. The fact that the Chinese government controls all Internet-related networks is another reason why Kevin Mandia, Mandiant’s founder, believes the Chinese government is aware of the hacking attacks.

The subject was immediately addressed by the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei during a scheduled news conference. He denied all the allegations made by the American company and described the use of rough material as “neither responsible nor professional”. He further added that China, too, has been the target of numerous hacking attacks in the past years along with the United States of America and other countries.

Hong Lei concluded his declaration by assuring viewers that the Chinese government has adopted very strict laws against hacking. Yet, hacking attacks still occur, the most powerful one coming from a security company in Virginia, named Mandiant Corp.

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