New report says Angelina Jolie Cheated on Brad Pitt

The separation of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is likely to raise interest and cause rumors months after being announced. The split was revealed less than a month ago, so speculation is definitely ongoing. If at first rumors claimed that Angelina filed for divorce because Brad had cheated on her, then the rumors indicated that the pair ended things because they had different views on how to raise their children. 

Well, now, it is claimed that Angelina and Brad actually separated because the actress cheated on her husband. This report came from Star magazine, which cited a source allegedly close to the couple. This insider revealed that Angelina’s cheating made Brad end the marriage. Even more shockingly, the report said that Angelina cheated with a married man. 

The report revealed that Angelina had an affair with a billionaire in his mid-50s and has been secretly seeing this man for several months. The report also said that Angelina confessed this affair to her husband. “Angie admitted to Brad she had fallen in love with another man. They had to hide their feelings, but they’ve been seeing each other on the sly whenever they could over the last six months,” the insider explained. 

The source said that Angelina and this man met because they have common interests as “he champions many of the same humanitarian causes that Angie does. As such, they had crossed paths at numerous charitable and state events.” “He’s ruggedly handsome and of Middle Eastern descent – though he was educated in England, at Oxford,” the source went on to say. The identity of this man was not revealed because he allegedly is married. 

“That will pose a problem for Angie down the road should their relationship continue, because his wife refuses to grant him a divorce,” the insider also said. The source said that the affair was in fact the reason why Brad was so upset with Angelina when the plane fight occurred. Allegedly, she told him about the affair before the event.

Of course, the two stars have not commented on the report, but the claims were dismissed by Gossip Cop, which said that the whole story was false. 

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