New Record Settled For Mega Millions Lottery: $476 million

According to a recent report published by Fox News, a new record has been established for the Mega Millions Lottery. Since nobody guessed the winning numbers during the last night’s extraction, the lottery pot for Friday is now worth $476 million.

It’s been a long time since the Mega Millions Lottery has had a winner and now the jackpot has reached an all-time record of $476 million. $363 million was the jackpot that was available on Tuesday night, but the winning numbers were not selected by any of the players. The following extraction is scheduled for Friday when participants will get a chance of winning a slice of the big lottery pie.

Although there wasn’t an actual winner during last night’s Mega Millions show there have been several players that came close to winning the jackpot. During the Tuesday’s game, 47 players nailed 5 numbers out of 6, thus winning important sums of money. Their tickets were worth at least 250 thousand dollars, a significant sum of money that was very appreciated by winners.

The numbers that were extracted last night were 9, 19, 34, 44, 51, whereas the Mega Ball was 24. There are many tactics that players can use in order to win some money; however, the majority of the players want to get their hands on the big prize. The jackpot was last won on January 24 when Garcia Adams, 33, got a $72 million prize and chose the cash option of $52 million.

According to analysts, there is 1 chance in 40 of winning the jackpot depending on the tickets that players buy. The value of the Mega Millions pot is determined by the number of sold tickets. The lottery managed to sell 2.9 million tickets before last night’s extraction.

The latest Mega Millions Lottery record was registered in 2007. Back then, the jackpot was worth $390 million, but the prize was divided between two winners, one in New Jersey and the other one in Georgia. 

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