New Photoshop App Available For Android And iOS

Adobe announced on Tuesday that they have finally managed to pull through a Photoshop app that is compatible with the two most successful operating systems at present, Android and iOS. The application gives users the possibility to modify their images directly on their smartphones making use of the properties of the touch screen.

Adobe’s new app is called Photoshop Touch and it features many new options, as well as some of the best characteristics that have been used on previous versions of the software. Based on the description provided by Adobe, the new app for Android and iOS programs includes layers, adjustments and filters.

Since Photoshop Touch will be used primarily on smartphone and tablet screens, Adobe provided it with numerous selection and editing features. Scribble Selection and Camera Fill are two of the options that were included in the smartphone version of the app. The first one gives users the possibility to make accurate selections even when using the small display of the phone, whereas the second one mixes the camera feed with the layers.

Adobe took their inspiration from the tablet version of the app in order to create Photoshop for smartphone. Many of the filters that are used on the tablet version are also found on the smartphone one such as Acrylic Paint, whereas Ripple is only available for Android and iOS phones.

The program has also been improved with Adobe Creative Cloud because the manufacturer has foreseen users’ needs to modify files on various devices. For instance, if one file is first modified on the smartphone version of Photoshop Touch, it may later on be accessed from a different device using the Adobe Creative Cloud service. This feature is perfect for those who need to make edits on larger screens.

The app will be available for Android smartphones running on versions 4.0 version and higher, as well as for iPhone devices featuring iOS 6 or later. The Android version requires less space than the iOS one; the first one is only 20 MB in size, whereas the second version has 32.2 MB.

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