New Photo Proves The Existence Of Loch Ness

Live Science has published a new photo proving the existence of the much sought-after Loch Ness monster. The picture was taken by a Scottish man, George Edwards, who has spent most of his life searching for the beast.

George Edwards has developed an interest in the Loch Ness monster, so he spent great part of his life trying to get evidence that could prove its existence. On November 2, 2011, he managed to take a picture of the monster claiming that it is the “best ever” sighting of Nessie. The pic displays a hump emerging from the water, but it is unclear yet whether the hump belongs to the famous monster or to another object.

Edwards told the press that he took the picture while he was on his boat named “Nessie Hunter”. The object that he captured in the picture was moving up the loch towards Urquhart Castle. He managed to distinguish some of its physical characteristics, such as, the fact that its color was dark grey. Edwards was standing about half a mile away from the hump, so he was able to watch it for five to ten minutes until it disappeared again into the water.

There are many counterarguments that scientists have made against George’s picture. He rejected them by saying that he has had the photo analyzed by a team of U.S. military forces that deal with monsters. The problem is there is no such U.S. military force; just a team of experts determining whether the picture is real or fake.

George’s declaration raised a lot of questions among experts. In their opinion, the “Nessie Hunter” should have been able to make more than just one picture if the hump floated above the water for five to ten minutes. In addition, it is impossible to determine the size of the object because there is no term of comparison with another object.

Scientists claim that the hump is actually a floating log which explains why it was stationary for about 10 minutes. If it had been an underwater creature, the photo would have been blurred or shaky, according to experts.

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