New Nook Tablets From Barnes & Noble

Based on a recent report published by the Washington Post, two Nook tablets will be released by Barnes & Noble in November. The new devices will feature better video options which will come in handy when the bookseller launches its own video service.

Barnes & Noble plans to detach itself from the rest of the tablet makers existing on the market by introducing two new Nook tables. The press release that the company communicated on Wednesday stated that the devices will feature improved video facilities. Analysts think the bookseller will take avail of the new video options once its video service will be launched by the end of the year.

Apple and Amazon have been the main competitors for Barnes & Noble until now. Yet, things are about to change now that the bookselling company has Microsoft’s full support to challenge its rivals. There will be a seven-inch Nook for $199 and a nine-inch version for $269 that are meant to compete against Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Apple’s iPad. Chief executive William Lynch is convinced that Nook HD will be the best media tablet in the world due to its large format and high-quality features. Moreover, the seven-inch tablet has 25 percent more pixels than Kindle Fire HD and it is much lighter than other rivals.

On Tuesday, Barnes & Noble made another important announcement, namely, that they would introduce a new video service in the upcoming months. The service will enable Nook owners in Britain and the United States to purchase films and television programs at accessible prices. The company brought the Nook collection to England at the beginning of the year because there is a great demand to Barnes & Noble on this market.

The Nook maker has a small share of the US market as Apple and Amazon are the biggest sellers of tablets in the country. Microsoft saw a good opportunity in the new tablet and decided to pump $300 million into the Nook unit.

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