New MSN Portal Introduced For Windows 8

A new MSN Portal as introduced by Microsoft for Windows 8 users during the Advertising Week which will be hosted in New York starting October 1st. The new portal featuring many improved options will not be available for consumers with older versions of Windows and Internet Explorer, according to CNET News.

Now that its new software Windows 8 has finally been released, Microsoft has decided to update the look of its MSN portal, as well. The company announced on Monday that they will be releasing a new version of the MSN portal on October 26, the same day when Windows 8 will go on sale at retail. The move is meant to determine as many customers as possible to adopt the new Windows 8 as the portal will not be available for older versions of Windows.

According to Bob Visse, the General Manager of MSN, the new portal has been updated with a Metro look and feel. Developers added the MSN logo in the upper left corner to help users easily return to their home page. The portal can be easily controlled through touch gestures, but it works just as well with mice and keyboards.

Knowing that information is very important for their customers, Microsoft decided to update the new portal with a news section where the latest data transmitted from the Associated Press and Reuters will be displayed. Microsoft’s reporters will also be responsible of uploading content on the MSN News page featuring sports, entertainment and money subsites.

The features of the new website will be described in detail through Microsoft tutorials. Thus, users will easily understand how to navigate the site and how to make better use of the Windows 8/Windows RT features.

Windows 8 customers will also be able to use the aggregated news source called Bing News. Microsoft stated in the end that consumers who don’t like the new portal for Windows 8 can switch to the “classic” look

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