New Mobile Browser Released By Chinese Company Baidu

Baidu Inc., the company operating the most popular search engine in China, has released a new mobile browser on Monday. The Chinese enterprise will also create a cloud computing center to facilitate customers’ access to the Internet through mobile phones, according to the Associated Press.

Chinese mobile users will soon have the opportunity to access the Internet with the help of another mobile browser thanks to Baidu Inc. The company announced the launching of the new product on Monday. Given the reputation they have earned thanks to their reputed search engine, Baidu’s new mobile browser could draw many customers.

Baidu is one of the biggest online companies in China, but some competitors like Tencent and UCWeb have got ahead of it thanks to the mobile products they have launched. The latter understood that the number of people accessing the Internet through smartphones and tablets is growing at an incredibly fast rate and they were able to meet the needs of their customers. Baidu may be a little slower than the rest of the companies, but they plan to offer support to their customers through the cloud service center they will set up.

The newest browser promises faster Internet access and downloads in addition to many other improved facilities. Users will be able to use Web-based applications, as well, according to the company’s declarations. The fact that the mobile Internet will be supported by a cloud service center is the main innovation that Baidu plans to introduce on the market.

China has the biggest number of Internet users. At the end of July, there were 538 million people online, registering an 11 percent growth in respect to the previous year. The number of mobile Internet users could become even bigger in the following years. In fact, more than 70 percent people of the total Internet users prefer to search the web through a mobile device.

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