New Mobile App Vyclone, Or How To Remix A Social Video

Whether you’re an iPhone user or not, it’s impossible not to have heard recently of a new mobile app called Vyclone. Call it on its unusual name Vyclone, or how to remix a social video without much hassle. This is the new most popular mobile app.

If you’re a skilled developer looking for a fortuitous self venture, then mobile app is the place to be. This new booming and with such an insanely potential draws in investors and inventors of all career fields. Take for instance Joe Sumner, Sting’s son. Yes, he is that Sting.

Joe Sumner and David King Lassman joined forces and brains and developed a new mobile app for iOS systems. Vyclone might sound like some kind of medicine but, it’s getting all the rage. And why shouldn’t it? It makes for a lot of fun and a really artsy result.

The idea is simple. Joe Sumner noticed people recording with their phones at a concert he was performing. And he thought: Hey, wouldn’t it be nice to put together all those different and varied footages into one big video? It’s sort of like Facebook tagging at some party.

So, Vyclone is the mobile app that merges other people’s videos into a single cut, making a whole movie from different angles. Each user gets to record one minute of the action and then he uploads it the Vyclone app. You’re free to get creative. The remix social video app leaves you edit your one-minute cut for that personal touch.
For the moment the app can handle only four cuts into a video. But you get to share you remix social video on Twitter and Facebook. Now that’s a great way to remember a great concert with your friends!

 “You can share with Facebook, Twitter and Socialcam” explained Sumner in a recent statement. “But when you’re out in public with your friends, the ability to get everyone’s view point creates stories that more are interesting than something from one angle” the proud Vyclone co-founder said.

“Video is more complex than other media, but we’ve tried to make it so easy that you expect you’ll have other video that can be synchronized” Sumner added.

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