New Mexico Will Have A Scientific Ghost Town

These days, job opportunities come from all sort of uncommon employees. Take for instance New Mexico’s primary oil and gas industry. About 350 new jobs will be created right in the heart of New Mexico but not exactly for its main industry. New Mexico will have a scientific ghost town.

The scientific ghost town will cost $1 billion and will be filled with state of the art technology. The Center for Innovation Testing and Evaluation aka CITE will be hosted in Lea County. For the mayor of Hobbs, Sam Cobb the product testing facility is good news. CITE management expects the facility to immediately hire 350 employees. Down the line, project’s managers say that it will create another 3.500 indirect jobs.

CITE was called by Governor Susana Martinez to be “one of the most unique and innovative” projects New Mexico has seen so far. It also helped with the Governor’s positive appraisal that CITE developers didn’t ask for tax breaks. “The only thing they have asked for is guidance” added Martinez.

Sam Cobb told Associated Press reporters that CITE is the first scientific ghost town so it’s the sort of thing that puts Hobbs and Lea County on the map. “It brings so many great opportunities and puts us on a world stage” said the mayor.

The scientific ghost town will serve as research material for scientists trying to improve everyday technology to automation. For instance, scientists will try to see if their intelligent traffic systems will work fine, or to put at test automated washing machines and toilets that flush themselves. Yes, it does sound a lot like Eureka’s smart house S.A.R.A.H.

According to senior managing director of Pegasus Holding, Bob Brumley, CITE is going to be developed following the model of Rock Hill. So, the scientific ghost town of New Mexico is going to feature everything Rock Hill, S.C. has, from commercial buildings to highways, residential houses and so on. Brumley added that construction on Rock Hill’s copy town will begin June 30.

On the overall, New Mexico’s Lea County just got itself a huge laboratory for scientists to test electronic products, automated systems and so on. Basically, CITE will be a full scale city where product testing is being performed. It sounds a bit like the pilot for a new Sci-Fi series, right?

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