New Lifevantage Management Changes Boost Protandim Stocks

Over the past years, the market of dietary supplements has been thriving on people’s need for stress relief, anti aging skincare and what appears to be a healthier life. Hence, companies in the business have been poised for success. Take for instance the Lifevantage Corporation, which had a very good start in 2012 and changes in the management board boosted its Protandim stocks.

Lifevantage Corporation thrives on success thanks to two very popular products: the Protandim dietary supplement and the LifeVantage TrueScience Anti-Aging Cream. The dietary supplement has been clinically proven to reduce the effects of oxidative stress and the progressive rate of cellular aging.

On January 10th, the company had its annual shareholders’ meeting where the new management changes have been announced and implemented. Thus, four new board members were elected and joined the shareholders’ meeting. At the same annual board meeting, Woody Spedden was appointed Chairman of the Board .

The changes were announced last month by Douglas C. Robinson, CEO of Livevantage. He said back then he is pleased to welcome its four new board members with the addition that as the company evolves, he admits how critical it is to have the right board of directors completing the management team.

As the result of the new Lifevantage management changes, the company’s board now consists of nine members, six of whom being independent members. The changes have positively impacted the company’s stock price.

In less than a month, the company stock recorded a gain of 19.5 percent. Yesterday, Lifevantage shares were trading in the $1.33 range and were boosted up at the $1.59 range. Analysts say that the stock remains a good buy thanks to the company’s primary product’s performance, the Protandim dietary supplement.

Next week, close to February 14th the company is expected to release its financial results for the second quarter. Both analysts and investors are eager to have the results, particularly since just several months ago, Protandim’s maker boosted its financial outlook for 2012 with revenues expectations of $95 – $105 million, a significant increase from the previous estimates of $80 to $90 million. Operating income estimates were also raised by about $3 to $5 million.

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