New Facebook Virus Could Empty Your Bank Account

The Associated Press warns readers that a new Facebook virus could affect not only the safety of their computers, but also their bank accounts. The virus is present on a Facebook page which automatically directs users to a malicious website; thus, infecting their computers and accessing personal data.

Facebook users have many more reasons to pay attention to the pages of the social network as a new virus could threaten their computers and their bank accounts. Internet security experts have explained that the virus resides on a malicious website where users are directed from Facebook. The malware is installed on the user’s computer and passwords are gradually stolen together with other account details. The virus may even turn users’ bank accounts vulnerable, according to the description made by IT experts.

The Trojan virus was said to be more dangerous for Windows-based devices, but recent examples have shown that BlackBerry and Android phones could also fall victim to the malware. Experts working at Trend Micro have explained that attacks have grown in the past weeks; therefore Internet users have to beware of insecure websites.

Similar viruses have been detected in the past and even though they have been temporarily removed from the website, experts acknowledge that the risk is still big. The viruses that have been removed could still affect Facebook users in the future as they continue to exist even though the pages have been deleted. Cyber criminals are interested in re-activating the viruses because they represent their only source of income.

There are several tips that users should take into account to prevent malware attacks. First of all, they should avoid websites and links that are not trustworthy. Second of all, bookmarking trusted sites could help users dodge online dangers. PCs should have an updated and reliable anti-malware software to prevent cyber-attacks.

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