New Enhanced BlackBerry Smartphone In The Making

The Canadian telecommunication company, RIM, announced on Monday that a new enhanced version of BlackBerry smartphone is currently in the making. According to the Associated Press, the device featuring the new BlackBerry 10 operating system will be introduced to the public on Wednesday, during a special event in New York.

Research in Motion Ltd. has been the first company to launch a smartphone, setting the trend for other IT companies. Their success was soon exceeded by the launching of attention-grabbing devices produced by Apple and Samsung, the two main leaders on the smartphone market. A new BlackBerry makeover has been announced a long time ago, but the event has been delayed for so long that RIM’s sales dropped to 2 percent in 2012 after registering 46 percent in 2008.

According to Thorsten Heins, CEO of Research In Motion Ltd., the BlackBerry 10-based smartphone is going to be a lot faster and better than the previous models released, so far. Although the chief executive refused to disclose all the information related to the new device, he nevertheless, pinpointed the most important features that will help distinguish the BlackBerry from the rest of the smartphones.

Since apps are highly popular these days, RIM’s new operating system was modified to offer the best multimedia, application and touch-screen experience at present. Rick Costanzo, RIM’s executive vice president of global sales, explained reporters that the company identified the weak aspects of their system and improved them to the point where they can outrun competitive systems. He concluded the interview by reassuring everyone that no other software producer can offer what the BlackBerry 10 does.

The system will give RIM’s clients the possibility to easily switch programs by simply swiping the screen. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems do not offer the advanced multitasking capacity that the new BlackBerry offers, according to Costanzo. The BlackBerry Hub is a center where all the social network notifications will be stored, so users could clearly separate their professional emails from less important ones. The hub can be accessed to read emails and notifications even though other applications or programs are running at the same time. That’s because, according to Costanzo, users no longer go in and out of applications or programs, but rather flow through them as a result of the enhanced multitasking technology.

The touch screen is another asset that will leave Apple and Samsung far behind. The display features a touch-screen keyboard that learns and adjusts to the users’ thumb positions; it will also suggest words and phrases to complete sentences.

Further details about the new BlackBerry will be revealed during the Wednesday’s launching event. The smartphone will be available for sale after the release, when the official price will have been communicated.

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